Thursday, December 16, 2010

Balancing Act a Joke or A REALLY hard task

So today's blog is talking about a struggle I have since before I was a parent.  When I was younger the balance was finding time to sleep between all the staying up late with friends and husband.  Then it was finding a balance between friends and husband.  Then it was balancing work and hubby, and for a short while ( during my 1st pregnancy) I had a balanced life, there was church, and friends, and family.  After I had kids it was finding a balance between the kids and the hubby, and now I am trying to balance church, kids, hubby, school, and family, and friends.  Kind of find myself asking if balance is possible, if I can achieve all that and still be me? Well I can check REALIZING THAT THE ONLY BALANCE I WILL FIND IN LIFE WILL BE UNSATISFYING, AND THAT THE CHALLENGE OF IT ALL IS A THRILL!  Never something I thought until I had a little time to examine things ( I am on semester break!)

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