Monday, January 31, 2011

The Smell of Chocolate...made me CRY!

So today I was at school on break and one of my classmates broke open a King size Take 5 bar
I have to tell you I have a cold and really can't smell anything, but I could smell this....I looked over at the taunting chocolate bar, and made a comment to a fellow classmate.  On how I would love to eat that!  She giggled and agreed.  Then I jumped in that it would go straight to my bottom ( unlike my classmate who was eating it who is a size 0!) and she replied why do you have to worry about that you're skinny!
My jaw dropped and my eyes skinny?
I wanted to tell her that I had another 20 pounds that I want to lose...but I didn't I focused on how far I have come.  I told her that I lost 50 pounds in the last year.  I knew the next thing was to come was the ?, the one everyone asks, how did you do it?
Instead she asked how do you look that great ( seriously I love this girl I may adopt her ( b/c she might be 20 tops!)
I told her I work out 4-6 times and week and I eat healthy.
I may not be skinny, but I do know I am healthy, I cannot wait to continue this journey tomorrow, and I hope maybe someone might be out there reading this thinking, hey maybe I can be healthy too!
Now I have a new emotion tied to chocolate ( other than guilt, or emptiness that it used to hold), pride.

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