Monday, November 15, 2010

So...this is one I for sure didn't even hope or expect!

I bought a pair of 9/10's from Aeropostle!  I started this journey as a size 18!  Crazy , My goal when I started was a size 12 ( in the back of my mind I would have been content with a size 14), I wanted to weigh 150 pounds, not there yet but really close ( that is how confused I was about close, I had been wearing a size too small for quite sometimes and in fact I have been doing it for along time!).  I weigh less than I did when I was in high school ( the year I graduated 98, my weight 156!), I weighed in last Wednesday at 154!  I have changed my goal to 145, and I am tempted to lower it even more, my medically ideal weight is 113-154.  Something I never expected but probably hope to check off my Bucket List!  And if you ask how did I do it, I work out and eat right( this involves knowing what I am eating, portion control and calorie counting!).  Can't wait to post when I hit, 150!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Checking off a lot!

So it has been awhile since I have blogged and a lot that I never knew I wanted to do until it had been done.  I took my kids to see Disney on Ice!  That was an experience I shall never forget, hope they like it as much as I did.  I hugged and kissed a 5 year old boy, that is right my baby turned 5!  My weight loss journey encouraged other people.  Ok that is a big one for me, I never meant to fix anybody ( other than me).  I am glad though, and I am glad that my friends ( Vanessa and Andee love you both!) told me, becuase I forget or maybe I never knew that the little things we do in life that are good always outweigh the bad.  When I die and meet my maker, I want people to remember those things.  I want people to remember be vibrant and happy, not blue and struggling to get off the couch, so thanks Lord for helping directing me to happiness(even if it involves calorie counting, but much like reading the bible it needs to be done daily to remember what is truly important in life!)