Monday, August 30, 2010

Starting the school year, THE SAME TIME my 4 year goes to preschool

Something I surely never anticipated, but check!  I pictured that by the time my children were this age that I would be comfortably back to work in my dream job and we would enjoy our leisure time.  I pictured that we would not struggle pay check to pay check, and that my children's every wants were met. 

A couple of things changed in the the process of fulfilling the "dream".  I went to school to be a teacher, which is what I thought my life path was.  And discovered, uuuun not so much!  What to do, well I was young and in love and we both that jobs that made for a comfortable lifestyle for the both of us, but much like our youth these jobs were temporary.  Well when Justin took a job as an over the road truck driver in 2002, I skipped from a short term job bartending, to a job as a telemarketer, and it turns out I like to talk and I do it well.  ( For those of you currently laughing so hard that you are rolling on the floor- shame on you, okay it's true I am a bit of a loud mouth!)  I was so good at that job that my boss trained me on how to run in the office in his absence.  He then went on vacation and never returned.  Leaving me an encouraging letter about how he "believed in me and he knew I would fill his shoes with success".  Almost 2 years later, and 2 promotions the office in which I worked was impacted negatively by expanding too quickly and inconsistently.  They needed to downsize, I was offered a lateral move, that would unfortunately cut into my family time, and with Justin over the road still, our time was already little.  In the mean time we had been trying to start our family for 2 years with no success.  I took a job in outside sales making a decent wage, when suddenly I was over taken with car sickness constantly, and extreme exhaustion.  After 2 months of feeling like yuck.  My husband announced in Target that I was pregnant, he was crazy.  I had taken a pregnancy test in December there was no way. 
Well he was right, and now 5 and half years later I can barely see the dream I used to have only the one I currently have.  To be a great mother and wife, to finish with my Bachelor's in Nursing, and to share my love of Christ.  So this silly billy is checking off her bucket list 2 things, Starting the school year, THE SAME TIME my 4 year goes to preschool and changing my life goals and dreams!

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