Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another one bites the dust...

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So to end August 2010 I spent a great evening with my children, niece Kaily, In-Laws Cheryl and Steve and our little friend Kyrein.  The evening was spent enjoying one of America's past times, baseball.  We got some free tickets to the game.  After arriving at the park, before we even reached our seats.  A Jackhammer's staffer approached us about Kaily and Kyrien playing in one of the games that the teams host in between innings.  Of course the kids jumped at the opportunity and at the end of the second inning bounded towards the outfield exit where we met the young staffer.  It was obvious to anyone that she not only did not have kids herself but did not have much experience with kids.  I helped her guide the children down ( there was another set about 10 & 11) through the JH's office and to my own amazement we sat in the Jackhammer's dugout through the 1rst half of the 3rd inning and kids had a complete blast.  An experience I never thought about about but check being in close quarters with professional baseball players.

The things in life that really matter are how much fun the kids had and how grateful my kids were that their cousin, grandparents and friend could join them at their 1st professional baseball game.  It will be a couple of years before I repeat that with my children.   The blessing that God has given are too great too mention so I would just like to say thanks for "all of it"

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