Thursday, August 26, 2010

A What List?

So while a the Women of Faith Conference last weekend.  I had a great shopping trip ( and spiritual experience!( and I mean the conference not the shopping trip!))  While walking through Sax Fifth Avenue (BTW everyone in the store stared at us like we would like to try and dart out the doors with something we hadn't paid for).  We were well on our way to the exit, when a shiny red sign with white letters peaked my curiosity.  It of course being a sale sign.  The table contained objects of all sizes and shapes, with a multitude of patterns, and array of materials, with only one single common denominator.  In my head I thought wouldn't it be crazy and fantastic if I found a new bag with an expensive label attached that actually came from that designer.  And an authentic, that would unlike my knock offs and wanna be bags, be an object of desire from friends and family, and the best part would be sharing the outrageous price that I paid, $5, or $30 for a bag that would normally go for 10 or 20 times that.

Well I must have been out of my mind, in that moment.  My hands greedily tugged at the bags looking for the hidden jewel.  Instead the first bag I picked up was barbie pink, and look like it had been bejeweled.  I say this not to offend anyone who likes pink ( I my self am a huge fan) or bejewels, but I have reached a stage in my life where low rise jeans and purses like this are no longer carried by my age group.

I could feel my entire body contract, as my eyes read the CLEARANCE Price $497.99.  The red sticker had to be wrong.  I glanced quickly down at the other other purses on the table.  I scooped up a shiny red bag that look liked it may have been intended for a night out on the town.   I lifted the flap on the purse, my eyes quickly adjusting to the darkness inside the small bag, this bag's tag was also adorned with a lovely red sticker, that read ONLY $988.99.  As I caught my breath, the quiet of the room was suddenly apparent.  Me and my group walked quickly towards the front the store, towards the stores that might actually see some of my dollars spent.

As we exited past some adorable jeans that I barely even glance at, I mutter ( once I have caught my breath), well I can check that off my bucket list.  My mother-in-law says "What off your bucket list?"

 "Touching a bag that costs more than my husbands last truck!". 

I am not someone who has an actual bucket list.  I don't spend time thinking about the things I long to do, or think about things that may be merely I cannot afford to do.  I spend my time living my life for my family, and for my Lord and Savior.  So this silly Billy's Bucket list is to do just that live for today, and I will share along my journey the things that I thought, well that I never thought possible.

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